“LATURE” is the combination of two words and stands out dew of nature.

Dew of nature…

Sunlit one dripping on to the ground from leaves in foggy wood.

Juicy one from the carefully grilled meat.

Wetty one from fruits and vegetables freshly picked from the field.

Juice of grapes that grow in the field under the severe circumstances.

“Dew of nature” can be found everywhere we live.

Do we, one the other hand, while living in the evolving and convenient society, sometimes forget everything we can eat is blessed one from nature?

All of us, LATURE, would like to give the very best “Omotenashi” to every customer with our French cooking, and respect and gratefulness to Mother Nature.



We, Lature, have a lot of great and passionate producers such as;

Farmers who grow characteristic vegetables in the field every day in any weather.

Dairy farmers who strive to produce better meat through a trial and error process.

Fishermen who make every effort to deliver and keep seasonal fish fresh every day.

People who clime up the high mountain to pick up rare and delicious mushrooms and wild-craft, and collect edible wild plants.

It is impossible for us to cook dishes without their support.

Every dish we cook is based on the ingredients above.



It has been broadcasted that boars, bears and deer come to town from mountain and cause damages recently. But it is our fault to make them come out from wood as we destroy it only for a profit.

It is one of the easy ways to shoot to throw them away but cooking to enjoy them deliciously is another way in atonement for the sins in our opinion.

There is difference between game meat and livestock. Game meat is the treat from Mother Nature in which wild animals live. The chef himself goes hunting. Hunters we trust share their game with us, too.

Taste of game meat differs by the place they live. When ducks grow up near a rice field, they taste tender and sweet like rice they have eaten. They taste and smell nutty when we hunt them in the mountain. And they, living and eating small fish by the sea, taste like anchovy. How to cook game meat depends on the place they have lived and been hunted.

We believe that it is the best job for cooks to hunt game and cook it.


How many bottles of wine are produced all over the world now?

How many people are there doing their best to produce each bottle of wine passionately?

It is so difficult to find the bet combination of our food and wine.

One of our goals is to spread the love of wine producers’ and touching paring of food and wine to as many people as possible.