Dinner Menu

Menu Terroir  ¥10,000 (exclud. service charge and tax)

Menu Terroir ~” the Mother Earth” ~ A set menu of 6 dishes and one main dish of meat. All of ingredients of meat, fish and vegetables are produced by great producers in Japan

Menu Special  ¥
14,000 (exclud. service charge and tax)

Menu Special ~Chef’s Special~ A special set menu of 5 dishes and 2 main dishes of fish and meat offers our specialties with wild plants, game meat, rare ingredients and more.

We offer gamey dishes during autumn and winter. Customers who are not fond of game meat, contact us in advance.  

An anniversary plate is for free. We are happy to help you to arrange a birthday cake (¥2,000~) and bunch of flowers (¥3,000~).

One-day notice cancellation charge is 50% and cancellation on the day charge is 100%. Thank you.